Noelle Nichols

Fantasy Author & Dreamer

At the end of the day, what gives you hope?

If someone were to ask you where your hope comes from, what would you say? When nothing seems to be going right, when the day can’t seem to get any worse, where does your mind go? How do you find the courage to keep going when hope seems impossible to find?

That question has been going through my mind for the past couple of days. What is the core of who I am? What drives me to keep going when there’s no hope in doing so?

As an artist, part of who I am is taking my life experiences and translating them into thoughts to share with others. It’s how I make sense of an otherwise senseless world. Sometimes it’s as easy as posting a simple thought online, other times it’s hidden in characters and plots.

I’m at the final stages of editing my epic fantasy book and that question of finding my center resonates throughout. Shenrae, one of my main characters, is young and doesn’t know her place in the world. She’s struggling to figure out who she is in a world that is rapidly changing around her. Kilo, my other main character is older, wiser and has already found his center. He’s grounded firmly in the Shadow ways and is guided 100% by his moral convictions. His struggle is not in finding his center, but in sustaining who he is against a world that is much darker than he can imagine.

One of the themes is never giving up, and facing down your enemy no matter how hopeless it seems. It’s about finding your strength, drawing it from others and holding onto who you are, even when you don’t think you can. It’s about believing that the world will get better and that tomorrow will bring a new day. It’s the core of my novel.

It’s the core of who I am.

When I’m feeling like the world can’t get any smaller, or the skies any darker, I’ve always held onto the hope that tomorrow is another day. Another day to get one more thing done. Another page in my story. Another day for a new adventure.

I never felt I had much to live for growing up, except for the hope that tomorrow would be another day. It’s an ideal I’ve instilled into my work, and one that I hope I can share.

Tomorrow is another day to face down that demon. It’s another day to make it one more step toward whatever it is you desire. It’s one more day to find something beautiful in the world and live life to the fullest extent possible.

What gives you hope?

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