Below you will find all of the books I’ve written, or in my case, all of the ones I’m currently working on.

The Lost Skills Trilogy

Shadow’s Design (book one of The Lost Skills Trilogy)

Kilo’s reign as Phantom has been one of the most important in Vaiyene. Thus far, he’s made vital alliances across the lands and has repaired the damage done by the False Shadows, a group of mercenaries who impersonated the Shadows and almost destroyed the reputation of Vaiyene years before.

On one of his missions of peace, Kilo discovers a strange town next to Leikal Gulf. The people there seem off, indescribably so, and something about the town bothers him. After a thorough investigation, however, nothing out of the ordinary can be found in the town, and when the other Phantoms of Vaiyene found out about Kilo’s investigations, they put a stop to it, and Kilo is forces to turn his attention toward home.

A young girl, Shenrae, too young to even be considering joining the Shadows, pleads her case before the Phantoms of Vaiyene. Kilo, recognizes her skills for what they are and stands up to the other two Phantoms, giving this girl sponsorship and allowing her to train with the Shadows. With the new experiences the Shadows will bring, and a little guidance, Kilo believes that this girl will bring a better tomorrow for Vaiyene.

Phantom’s Lament (book two of The Lost Skills Trilogy)

Eidolon’s Coming (book three of The Lost Skills Trilogy)