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Finishing up NaNoWriMo 2016!

An excerpt from today’s #writing session. Heading into the finish line for #NationalNovelWritingMonth / #NaNoWriMo on a high note. Steel yourself for what’s to come, my valiant Kilo! Ps. Please pardon the placeholder [CityName]. 😉
“They are not our enemy,” I said, taking a deep breath and launching into my theory. I steeled my nerve against Asdar’s pessimism. “I believe our enemy lies in the lower quarters of Randaus. I have conferred with one of our new ally’s, Kefnir and he also believes that there are not enough people keeping an eye on Randaus. It is a region where we have not yet been as a city, and one where none of the others I have reached out to across the lands. I believe the people in Leikal Gulf, the outlanders come from there, given the confession of one of the false shadows that I interrogated in [CityName].”
Asdar dropped his arms and stopped his pacing, his mouth thin as paper. I continued.
“I have offered this boy sanctuary in our city for the information he has regarding the outlanders. With his cooperation, I was able to confirm against another false shadow captive that is being held in [CityName] under the watchful eye of Kefnir. You are free to question either of these two personally if you wish.”
“And they’ve confirmed the direction of where the attacks are going?” Phantom Chate asked. She now leaned over the map and inspected the markers.
I nodded and circled the lower portion of the map. Randaus, the only region where it remained unknown. The map was roughly drawn. Much of the terrain, cities, rivers and features were guesses or reports and fragments of maps we had gathered.
Phantom Chate let out long breath. “A dangerous mission—-”
“But one that must be taken.” Asdar said, interjecting. “If what these captives are telling us to be true, if there is an enenemy of ours that lies that far to the south, we need to gather more information.”
I nodded. “I intend to leave in the morning.”
This shocked both Asdar and Phantom Chate.
I kept my face as straight as I could. Deep inside, there was the growing reality of journeying somewhere where I would have no support, no friends, no aid… but I buried this as deep inside as I could, directing my thoughts inside to my duty. I gathered strength in knowing Shenrae and the people within Vaiyene would be live safer because of my actions.
I swallowed, hard and finished. “I have taken a vow to protect the city, and this is where I believe I can make the biggest difference. This threat must stop, and given each of our talents, it is me who must to be charged with this mission.”

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