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I Finished My Trilogy! Now What….

I can’t believe the day has come when I can actually say thing, but…..I FINISHED WRITING MY TRILOGY.

Whew. What a long road it has been (and what a long road I still have to go)!

There’s been various places over the years where I’ve documented my struggle with getting that first rough draft down. YouTube being the one that has surived my blog’s death a few months back. I first started this crazy thing back in high school with the intial idea, but then waited until I had a little more life experience to really start writing it. The only aspects that have stayed since that fateful day in 2008 during NaNoWriMo are the names Shenrae, Syrane and Torey and the bonds that the Shadows wear on the forearms.

Other than that, it was all mere practice for this novel. I’m okay with that too.

Over the past month, I’ve been diving into Twitter and living in the writing community there. (If you are not on Twitter and you’re an author, you are seriously missing out on a fantastic, supportive group). I’ve been connecting with others and feeling way better about myself as a writer. I’ve always written by myself, for myself, but really, what fun is that? Writing is meant to be share with others. It’s supposed to inspire people to be better than themselves. It’s supposed to let you escape from the world and take off on this journey with people you love.

And I want to share that. More than anything, I want to write the stories and characters that have made me who I am today.

My sights are set on self publishing my first novel in the trilogy, Shadow’s Design this Fall. I can’t wait for this new adventure!

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