Summer Solstice Scavenger Hunt!

June 16th to June 29th

FSF Readers Lounge presents its first ever Solstice Scavenger Hunt.

19 authors joined forces to offer readers a chance at $75 cash via PayPal and 19 eBooks as a Grand Prize! 38 secondary prizes (an eBook from one of our participating authors) will be given to randomly chosen participants with the correct answer.

To play for a chance to win you must go to each of the authors sites listed below, collect the “hidden” word(s), unscramble them, and then enter to win!

Enter Here

Entering does not enter you into anything! You have the option to choose who to subscribe to and who to follow – the only requirements are:

  1. You must follow the Facebook page for the Readers Lounge in order to get the winners announcement: /FantasySciFiReadersLounge/

2. Use the link to enter the giveaway, but I hope you choose to follow the wonderful authors participating in this hunt!

$75 Cash via PayPal

eBooks up for prizes:

  • A Bit of Magic
  • Azimuth
  • Bonded
  • Curse Breaker: Enchanted
  • Dragon Blood
  • Elven Jewel
  • Forever People
  • Ian’s Realm Saga
  • Schrodinger’s Cat
  • Shadow’s Hand
  • Sleepless Flame
  • Tattoos
  • The Fox and The Hunter
  • The Glass Gargoyle
  • The Hand of Atua
  • The Shikari
  • This Cursed Flame
  • Witch’s Moonstone Locket
  • Wolves’ Gambit

Here are the websites you need to visit.

Make sure to visit all the sites to gather all your words!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Kasper

    Gee, your was the huardest to find so far. Well hidden

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