Noelle Nichols

Fantasy Author & Dreamer

Writing Resources

Hello, fellow writer. Below are a collection of great resources that I’ve found to be helpful to my own writing journey. I’ve tried to organize them by type and give a small description of why it’s on the list and what’s great about it. This is heavily under construction as I’m always on the look out for more information.



Author Learning Website

Great resource for Live Webinars on a large variety of topics. Marketing, Editing, Writing, Promoting, Author Life, etc.

One Stop for Writers

Wonderful resource to help map out your story. Great list of words and thesaruars for emotions, locations, etc.


David Farland’s Writing Tips

Great story advice. Very down to earth and speaks from an experienced background.

Plug-ins & Software


Amazing program for organizing your first draft and keeping all of your scenes and thought together.


Great tool that can integrate into Word for editing. Helps you catch things you’re “author blindess” can’t see